The ally group rules

Okay a couple rules we established on this little adventure.

1) No DKs ~ This basically means we will be starting from scratch on a server none of us have alts on.  We won’t use a DK to farm gold for those little guys either.

2) Outside of the initial push to 10, none of us will level alone.   We just decided the group idea was to have fun doing something together.

3) Have fun.  This is still a game and a couple of the group have spouses and such they have to balance with the game.  Playing the game is about fun.

We actually have a full group of the standard 5 roles.  That means we can run Deadmines all by ourselves.  Some of us have had alliance toons before, some got them to higher levels (like me) and some not so high.  This will be an adventure as some of us are seeing areas we’ve never seen before.

I am not saying this blog will be updated a lot.  I’ve invited the other 4 to come here and post if they wish.  I hope to get a screen shot up once we get back together at level 10.

We have no commitment to play these characters to any level.

As Fikkle said, altaholics shouldn’t joke about this

I think 2 of us have an additional bag at this time. Blizzard really should put a quest in the original WOW areas where you get a bag for doing something in the starter areas.


3 Responses to The ally group rules

  1. Game Dame says:

    I only have 1 bag! It’s awful being so poor.

  2. Drewfire says:

    ok this really sounds like fun. I totally need to convert over to your guild(s) cuz I’m addicted to your blogs… LOL

  3. fed says:

    A few friends and myself tried to do something Similar to this a few weeks ago, We all got to level 10 (well 13) and Started to run an instance a couple of times a week to level up, we managed to get to level 30 before one of us quit wow for good, one got banned by his parents, one deleted their character, which didn’t help the last of us much

    Still its a fun thing to do, i may attempt to persuade one of my friends (who is an avid anti-alliance person) to roll a gnome lol

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